Diari Fyda

mengharapkan cinta hakiki akan menyinari hidup ini :)

my lovely parents :)

my love :)

When it comes to looking around for friends, i don't have to try too hard coz i have you DAD!!!

Yeah.. My father is d best frenz i ever had... he means everything 4 me.. Today, i'm going to write about my lovely dad.. this post is special presented for him..

Daddy.. i dunno how much i love u...

You were my strengh when i was weak... You were my voice when I couldn’t speak..You were my eyes when I couldn’t see...You saw the best there was in me....Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach..

you are everything 4 me.. you are d best motivator for me and all ur children.. u ever told me..
"to achieve the success, we have to learn the hard way"... with the beautiful idiomatic expression.. " a dog has its day "...yeah.. we do believe it.. and know, we all ur children out of our blues... we beat them flat... the one who look me down.. we show the best :)

as a result, u was awarded as "BAPA MITHALI" daerah kluang.. we also ever received "ANUGERAH KELUARGA BAHAGIA".... we're proud of u dad...

i know that no one can replace you.. how much i love u dad.. and i can't imagine my life without you.. when i was in not good mood, u r the one cheer me up.. when i feel demotivated, u r the one always beside me and support me with pretty advise..

Dad.. thanx 4 everything..

may ALLAH bless u in d world n hereafter.. hepi long life.. coz i wish that u could be the one accompany me run through all this... i know that, i can't be like this without full of ur support..



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Fyda :)

Fyda :)

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