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mengharapkan cinta hakiki akan menyinari hidup ini :)

First of all,i would like to say sori 4 d incovenience..sumtime my entry was written in english.. n sumtimes it was in malay.. watever it is, i do hope u will enjoy my pretty essay.. ahaks :p

ok now.. i'm going to write about serious matter.pls take note and keep in ur mind (",) orait.. straight 2 d point.. let's me ask u one question...do u ever fail in ur life??ermm... i believe dat everyone will answer "yes"....am i rite?? yeah.. 4 sure everyone shud feel it.. it taste good dear :) hehehe

Here i'm going to tell u sumting.."dare to fail".. yup.. u have to do it.. it doesn't matter wether u ever failed in ur examination, business or even in ur love.. but at least, u have try it..thus, please.. please n please
make ur failure as a triggers 2 d next step.. dun ever collapse when fail..

ok..listen 2 me.. now, go n buy book "dare to fail" at any book shop.. it's really beneficial n good for us.. believe me.. dun make ur failure bring u down..but, make it as a good one.. take it positive.ok?? one more thing,u shud think out of d box.. why ALLAH test us n give us d failure even we have try so hard? on the other hand, it will teach us how to be a strong n appreciate our life.. make it ur life more valuable..dun make it miserable..

consider this story...during my primary school... i'm not a good student.. i ever fail in my examination with very bad result..i was very down at dat time..my father told me "failure is not the end of the world".. therefore, i start my step with a full motivation.. at last,alhamdulillah i was awarded as a" best student during my diploma".. therefore, dun ruin our beautiful life babe..fail is not so bad if we know how to control it..start ur day today..

Hence, wake up my dear!!! cheer up ur life.. i know that we can't change the history... but we can create a history... do something now 4 better future :) dun wait!! do it now!!!

Okla.. that's all 4 today.. thanx in advance coz being there 4 me


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